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Post-interview Tips

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After job interviews, follow-up emails must impress the recruiting manager. Some advice:

  1. Express gratitude: Begin your email by thanking them for the interview.
  2. Reiterate interest: emphasize your enthusiasm for contributing to the organisation and mention specific characteristics of the role or firm that correspond with your professional ambitions.
  3. Reflect on the interview: Highlight a few significant points that resonated with you.
  4. Address any issues or provide further information: If you believe you could have given a more complete response during the interview, address those points and provide any extra information that may support your candidacy.
  5. Ask about future stages: Politely ask about the next steps in the employment process and indicate your willingness to proceed.
  6. Be professional: Before sending, double-check your email for grammar and typos.
  7. Punctuality: Send a follow-up email 24–48 hours following the interview.
  8. Personalise your email: This makes your email unique and indicates you were attentive during the interview.

A follow-up email is a chance to impress, reinforce your qualifications, and show your expertise.

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