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Interviewing techniques for students

Interviewing techniques for students Icon

Before the interview

Research the company – make sure you know at least the basic information about what the company does. You don’t need to memorise the establishment date but know what the company does, what services it provides etc. How can you say you want to work there if you don’t know what they do?

Social media – expect that employers will look at your social media so turn it on to private viewing only, to save any issues.

Dress appropriately – you don’t necessarily need to wear a suit but at least don’t turn up in shorts and flip flops either! Some smart trousers a polo shirt or shirt and shoes is sufficient for men and the same for women in that a smart skirt and top or smart dress is fine.

Phone – put your phone on silent or even better, turn it off, before you go in for the interview.

Studies or relatable skills – consider how your studies relate to the job for which you are applying to or skills that you have obtained previously so that you can highlight these at the interview. 


At the interview

Be early – aim to be there 10 – 15 minutes early so if there are any issues then it gives you some space. Go to reception roughly 10 minutes before the interview but not much more than that as waiting around for too long in a reception area can heighten your nerves so if you are there early then wait outside and try to reax a little.

Nerves – they are normal so do not worry about them and studies show that some nerves help performance anyway. At the end of the day this job will not decide your life, they either like you or they don’t, you either like them or you don’t, so don’t overthink it, just be yourself and see what happens.

Pre plan some answers – so that you do not make any silly mistakes. If they ask why you would want the job or why you want to work at that company then have an answer ready as trust me when I say that saying ‘because I just need a job’ is not an appropriate answer!

Most interviews start with the same basic questions such as tell me a little bit more about what you did in your most recent role or studied at college or university. Pre plan the answer to such similar questions as it will help to relax you the more you talk.

Water – you normally will be asked at the start of the interview if you would like a drink, preferably don’t take anything but water. If you get asked a question that stumps you and you need a moment to think, then sipping some water gives you that opportunity.

Written by Ian Hancock – Director at RecruitGibraltar

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