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Professional Diploma of Competence in Gibraltar Financial Services

Professional Diploma of Competence in Gibraltar Financial Services Icon

The Gibraltar University Diploma is called Professional Diploma of Competence in Gibraltar Financial Services.

It covers not only topics of compliance but all aspects of the financial industry and therefore provides anyone wanting to enter the financial sector a very broad and holistic overview of the sector and is an ideal gateway into any sector be it Fintech, Banking, Investment Management, Trust & Company Management, Family Offices, e-Money firms, Financial Regulator or any other activity in Gibraltar that is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

The course is part-time, runs over 44 weeks and it implies a 2 hour face to face session every week with a professional tutor at the University Campus in Gibraltar.

It is open to anyone that would be employable in Gibraltar and would like to build up a career in the Financial Sector including Compliance, but it gives the student the opportunity to create a knowledge basis and be equipped with all the basic tools to succeed in any sector of the financial industry in Gibraltar and indeed abroad. Once the student has completed the course s/he will be able to choose in which part of the financial sector he would prefer to work as he will be prepared to do so.

The Diploma costs £4,000 and typically this will be financed by the employer. You can as well like with any other course apply for a Government Grant.

The main aims of this Diploma are for the participants/students:

  1. To understand why and how the financial services industry is regulated;
  2. To provide the learner with broad-base knowledge of licensable activities within the Financial Services sector in Gibraltar;
  3. To enhance professional standards of those working within Financial Services;
  4. To provide cohesiveness in terms of terminology, best practice and legal requirements within Gibraltar Financial Services.

This is definitely not only a route but quite a big avenue into the whole financial sector locally or abroad and an excellent entry door into employment as a Compliance Officer and/or Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).

An alternative avenue that scholars/students should consider as a modular entry into compliance would be to build their expertise via the courses offered by ICA – The International Compliance Association (

Further details can be found here:

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