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Tourism Sector

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Gibraltar welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, including cruise passengers, day trippers from Spain, backpackers, event tourists and those who arrive by plane.

The tourism industry employs a wide range of people including:

  • Hotel & Catering staff
  • Restaurant and bar staff: chefs, kitchen team, waiters, management
  • Airport Staff, Baggage Handlers, Ground Crew
  • Cable Car & Upper Rock Nature Reserve staff: cabin attendants, Macaque attendants, ticket office staff, maintenance teams including electrical engineers.
  • Wedding and Events management companies
  • Travel Agents
  • Drivers and Tour Guides
  • Retail Staff
  • Shore Excursion Agents
  • Cruise Terminal and Port Agents
  • Marine Services: operators for cranes, vessels, forklifts, warehouse administrators and logistics
  • Maintenance Unit: mechanics, welders etc
  • Marketing teams: social media, graphic design.
  • IT support staff
  • Accounts & Finance Teams
  • HR teams
  • HSSEQ & Sustainability

This is a significant industry in Gibraltar that values its employees highly. With its diverse range of sectors, there are opportunities for promotion and transfers. The workplace environment is exceptional, providing ample professional growth and development opportunities, as well as many non-office based roles for those who prefer the great outdoors!

The tourism sector covers various industries, and each job necessitates specific expertise and skills. For accounting positions, we look for individuals with knowledge of AAT and Finance, while computer proficiency is a must for IT roles.

As we progress, the direction of our society and therefore the tourism sector will be shaped by advancements in social, digital, and technological fields. We will soon collaborate with intelligent machines. Understanding the employee experience requires prioritizing employee engagement and well-being. It will be crucial to pursue work that is motivated by purpose and passion, not just for monetary gain. 

Salaries vary broadly across the industry from waiting and bar staff usually starting on the minimum wage to much higher salaries for successful entrepreneurs and some of the senior management positions.

Different career pathways are available for a young person wanting to join this sector, e.g.

University or Non-University Pathways for: Marketing, Accounts, HR, IT.

School Leaver roles: Restaurant, Tourism, Driver and Guides, Operations, Port Agents, Customer Services. 

Advice for a young person wanting to join this sector:

Providing excellent customer service is a key requirement in any role in this sector. We are all ambassadors for Gibraltar and the tourist experience will be shaped by the service they receive. People working within the Tourist Industry will often be the first and last face seen by a visitor to Gibraltar – a personal touch and a smile go a long way.


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