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A Midwife is a Health Professional, a career in which your priority and responsibility is to provide holistic care to enhance the wellbeing of your patients. This involves keeping their physical, mental, emotional and cultural needs at the forefront using the latest research and recommendations and liaising with different specialists as necessary.

As a Midwife you apply the above concept to women in the early stages of pregnancy, throughout the antenatal period, labour and after the birth of their baby. We work to optimize normal physiological processes in pregnancy. We support safe physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual situations, working to promote positive outcomes and to anticipate and prevent complications.

Healthcare and midwifery is a constantly evolving profession, with opportunities to learn new skills. Every day is different! You will interact with people from all walks of life, their stories and their experiences are fascinating.

In midwifery you have the opportunity to  watch families grow. Many of us began with just the 2 parents and watched a family evolve from 2 to 3, to 4, to 5 and even more.

Midwifery is challenging, hard but rewarding. We are the advocates for the pregnant women of our community and ensure that their voices are heard. It is a privilege to be present during what is a highly emotional event in their life. I’ve found in Gibraltar the women, their families and the different religious communities embrace the midwives role and keep close ties. This is a humbling honour and a truly unique situation.

Midwives need to be enthusiastic, compassionate, empathetic, and patient. The ability to adapt and collaborate with other individuals is required, as well as high attention to detail and the ability to work in stressful situations.

We currently have a young workforce, individuals at the start of their career and many who are midway. With a workforce of mostly women there are always opportunities to cover maternity leave and those returning to work in a part time position.

We also have midwives who form part of our Bank Staff rota. They are available to cover shifts within the GHA but are not contracted to a full time post.

Salaries for midwives are set by Government scales.

You will need your GCSEs and 3 A-levels to ensure entry to a university for a 3 year midwifery course. Most universities will ask for a science based A-level, so consider this when making your choices.

The are alternatives, locally the School of Health offers a course for those wishing to become an Enrolled Nurse or Staff Nurse. From here you can start and work your way up to a conversion course which would currently be undertaken in the UK.

Getting in contact with your University of choice will also allow you to find out exactly what is needed and the alternative routes on getting onto the course.

If you are interested in joining us, contact our HR department and speak to the team; we have students occasionally stop by, spend a few days observing the work undertaken by midwives in the clinic and in the ward. Approach the Maternity Team, many of us are willing to talk about our experiences and what it is to work within the department.

We look forward to meeting you!

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