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Gibraltar Gambling Sector

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Online gambling (e –Gambling) contributes around 25% of the jurisdiction’s economy. Gibraltar is an operational centre (mainly for UK facing firms), but also a service centre for gambling services into other jurisdictions.

The industry employs around 3500 people in Gibraltar, but traditionally has not attracted large numbers of Gibraltarians to its ranks. This is changing and local recruitment for people with the right skills is now seen as an imperative. These are tech business that need people with both STEM skills (including cyber protection) and traditional business and administration and management skills at all levels.

Sports betting operators welcome numerate and computer literate individuals who also have an interest in sport and, like all online business, there is increased use of technology including AI. Online businesses are also moving into E-sports and moving towards being entertainment companies. Tech and gaming skills are readily transferable.

One of the desires young people have is to want to work for a business that is ethically and socially responsible. This has been a barrier in the past, but all these businesses now have strong social responsibility and compliance frameworks; indeed, the regulatory framework requires this. 

So whether it is a tech development role (including games design), project management, marketing, account, legal and compliance, customer services or other support role, this sector should not be dismissed as an option. There are always open vacancies in this sector and salaries are competitive.

Not all roles require a general or specific degree and a major feature of this sector is that generally the gambling sector is a meritocracy. You can genuinely go from ground floor to CEO without hitting a glass ceiling. It is also moving away from being a male dominated sector and there is a focus on improving diversity; right up to Board level. Many operators promote and some champion inclusivity for all.

For a customer services assistant, the starting salary may be c£20–£25K, but the opportunities to move either up or sideways in an organisation are good. Senior executives will earn six figure salaries, mid–level managers are well paid and many companies offer bonus schemes. Companies want to retain good people so training and employee support is generally good.

For those wanting to find a quick route to senior management in this sector then Gibraltar University offers an MBA with an industry focus. A first degree or experience is generally required for this route. 

If you are thinking of taking the public sector route, then the Gibraltar Gambling Division is staffed by a mixture of civil servants, GDC and specialist regulatory staff.

This is a multi- jurisdictional industry and so the opportunity to work in this industry somewhere other than Gibraltar will always be open to employees. It is certainly an industry that can provide opportunity and, like many tech businesses, is competing for quality applicants.

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