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Distributed Ledger Technology Sector (DLT)

Distributed Ledger Technology Sector (DLT) Icon
  1. Describe your sector in a nutshell. 

The DLT space encompasses blockchain and financial services such as cryptocurrency. It has the potential to be game-changing and disruptive in enabling traceability and transparency across multiple sectors.

  1. What are the different career opportunities/jobs available in your sector?

Many and varied. It includes everything from administration and customer support roles to programming and system design, product development, IT security, marketing, finance, compliance and legal

  1. What’s interesting/fun about your sector/industry? Why should a young person want to work there?

It’s working with new products in a new sector that has the potential to make a huge difference to the way we record and trace transactions in many different sectors. It’s a chance to work with bright, innovative people and new technological solutions.

  1. What skills/qualities do you look for in someone wanting to join your sector?

Someone who is willing to learn, to challenge, to be challenged, and to work hard.

  1. What is demand looking like in your sector? How do you think this will change in the future?
  2. What is the approximate salary range can people earn?

Depending on role, salaries will vary from £18k to £100k+

  1. What career pathways are available for a young person wanting to join your sector? (University and non-uni routes)

Companies are hiring at all levels. It will be possible to join from school and work your way up, possibly acquiring some professional qualifications and accreditations in role.

Alternatively, a more conventional training route (degree, possibly a professional qualification) and then joining firm in the sector is also possible.

  1. Any advice you would give to a young person wanting to join your sector?”

Enjoy it!

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