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Royal Gibraltar Regiment

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  1. Describe your sector briefly.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) is a Light Role Infantry Unit, part of the UK Armed Forces, permanently based here in Gibraltar. Our primary role is to provide force protection and security assets on the rock as well as additional unique skills such as bomb disposal, chefs, mechanics, logistics, drivers, communications, and fitness instructors. 

We also assist UK Defence by deploying teams overseas to help deliver mentoring and training to UK and NATO partners, as well as support UK operations. 

RG soldiers have been in a whole host of different countries conducting training exercises, courses, deployments, and adventurous physical training.

  1. What are the different career opportunities/jobs available in your sector?

The opportunities are infinite. There are two types of careers with the RG: Regular and Reserves. 

As a Regular soldier you will have a full-time career, or a Reserve soldier your commitment will be part time, providing flexibility for studies or another job, whilst still enjoying the training and experiences of being part of the RG. 

Within both the Regulars and Reserves you can either join as a soldier or as an officer, which requires a greater level of academic qualifications (minimum 72 UCAS points). 

As an officer you will attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for 44 weeks and upon completion you will return to the RG as a platoon commander, leading a platoon of around 30 soldiers. 

For soldier entry, you will attend either Infantry Training Centre Catterick (18 years +) or Army Foundation College Harrogate (16 -17 years old). Initially on completion of training you will return to the RG and take your place within the rifle company as an infantry soldier. 

As you progress in your career there are multiple roles and courses available to you as your aspirations and lifestyle changes. Our unique self-reliance as a unit means that we fill all of our roles ourselves without relying on other units, so you could choose to specialise in bomb disposal or logistics, or train as a chef, mechanic, physical training instructor or one of the many other roles required to keep the unit running.

  1. What’s interesting/fun about your sector? Why should a young person want to work there?

“One Regiment, One Family, Infinite Opportunities.”

A career in the RG is more than just a job, it’s about belonging and being a part of a team; the friends you make here will be friends for life. The Armed Forces teaches individuals to be professional, committed and work as a part of a high performing team – it is a unique environment to work and play in.

There are opportunities within the RG to further your education, travel the world and develop yourself through sports and adventure training. Every day is different – you could be running and swimming on a beach for Physical Training in the morning, taking part in a section attack training exercise in the tunnels using your night vision goggles in the afternoon, then sailing or skiing for adventure training the next day.

  1. What skills/qualities do you seek in someone wanting to join your sector?

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a basic level of fitness that can meet the requirement to start basic training, which is not as hard as you think. 

The Army training establishments are world class, they will develop your fitness over time and teach you everything you need to be a professional soldier or officer.

  1. What is demand looking like in your sector? How do you think this will change in the future?

We are fortunate that the UK and Gibraltar will always have a requirement for Defence, so job security is one of the best factors of the career. We have individuals who complete full 22-year careers and equally we have people fresh out of school who just want to complete a shorter 4–5-year career. 

Because of this we have a constant flow of individuals leaving and joining. There are no recruitment windows, you can simply apply to join us and if successful, you will be loaded onto the next available training course.

  1. What is the approximate salary range people can earn?

For the regular soldiers, the start salary for a new entrant is £18,196 increasing to £22,880 on completion of training, after which you receive a yearly increase as well as pay rises that are announced for the Armed Forces. 

Promotion through the ranks, and the extra pay that this comes with, is based on time served, performance and your desire. A normal career progression would see an individual promoted every 4 years. 

Accommodation is provided on camp for single soldiers, and medical and dental care is also provided free of charge through the excellent medical centres on camp. 

  1. Any advice to a young person wanting to join your sector?

Come along to our recruitment centre for a chat or look us up on social media to see what we have been up to and what the job entails. 

Our industry encourages fit, professional, and confident individuals. Taking part in team sports and activities whilst you are younger will help build your fitness and confidence, ready for the challenges you will encounter in training. 

Ensuring you complete secondary education, particularly numeracy and literacy, will ensure you are able to be promoted easier in the future, although we provide access to educational courses for those that require it.


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