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Telecommunications Sector

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  1. Describe your sector in a nutshell.

The Telecommunications sector in Gibraltar provides connectivity through terrestrial and mobile voice, internet, and broadband services. The sector also provides hosting and cloud services delivering connectivity and cloud platforms to enterprises around the globe. 

  1. What are the different career opportunities/jobs available in your sector?

Primary our sector is considered highly technical, and we are always on the lookout for talented people who have a passion for engineering and technology. Equally important are our support functions, without them we couldn’t provide the level of service we do. We often advertise opportunities in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Care.  

  1. What’s interesting/fun about your sector/industry? Why should a young person want to work there?

This sector moves extremely fast and keeping up with evolving technology is a challenge, but at the same time rewarding as it allows our people to continuously adapt, grow and develop.  

Working within the industry opens a multitude of learning opportunities, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of career options and opportunities.   

See the Testimonials for a few of our people. 

“I started my career in Telecommunications as a Call centre Agent, 3 years later I form part of the Information Systems team responsible for all our technical systems and interfaces”. 

“Having started as a field engineer, I never thought I’d move to care, then finance and eventually retrain to work and lead in Human Resources”. 

“Two years ago, I was a security guard for the company. I was given the opportunity to join the customer care team and now I’m a customer care agent providing our customers with the best possible service.

  1. What skills/qualities do you look for in someone wanting to join your sector?

It depends on the role, we normally ask for a minimum of 5 GCSE for our entry level roles, for the more technical engineering roles we are looking for people who, at the very least have studied STEM subjects. And of course, for the more robust experience engineering roles we are looking for degree level engineering subjects or equivalent. 

This does not exclude anyone, we believe in equal opportunities, if you see a role that attracts you go for it, our HR team are here to assist. We are always looking for people with ambition and  a growth mindset.  

  1. What is demand looking like in your sector? How do you think this will change in the future?

The telecommunication business is fast paced and always moving. Breakthrough and progressive technologies are always on the horizon as we seek to connect the world, so the future is promising for anyone coming into the sector.  

  1. What is the approximate salary range can people earn?

Salary is dependent on the role, entry level is normally around £18k with the limits being set by the role itself. 

  1. What career pathways are available for a young person wanting to join your sector? (University and non-uni routes) 

Up to now University and Engineering subjects have been the norm, this is now changing, with more and more opportunities to join the industry at entry level in non-technical roles and then growing and developing into a career of choice. 

  1. Any advice you would give to a young person wanting to join your sector?

Focus on a career not a job, set yourself realistic and achievable goals, everybody can learn. Have a growth mindset. 

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