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Real Time Marketing

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  1. Describe your sector in a nutshell.
  • Real Time Marketing (RTM) typically focuses on the ability to target customers in near real time. We use attributes and actions to ensure what they are seeing is relevant to their current journey and shown at the correct time. 
  • In the online [gaming] industry however, the team have many different things they work on and are not limited to marketing as a whole, such as:
    • Testing site implementations for the Product department
    • Hypothesis testing of creative ideas and innovation
    • Compliance messaging and removal of content
    • Interactive onsite displays & downtime messaging
    • Content personalization campaigns
    • Supporting other marketing teams with their campaigns and segmenting content displays
    • Adapting sales funnels to match player propensity
  • To simplify, we’re very versatile and the process is comparable to controlled chaos – You work with everyone, on everything, and it’s incredibly Insightful to the business. 
  1. What are the different career opportunities/jobs available in your sector?
  • Limiting this question to the Real Time Marketing department, we range from Executive to Specialist, into Manager. Everybody in the team works on a wide range of different projects, with more experienced ‘Specialist’ colleagues focusing on the more complex processes. The Manager oversees our workload and coaches us to reach higher potentials. 
  1. What’s interesting/fun about your sector/industry? Why should a young person want to work there?
  • As previously mentioned, the versatility of the department means that we collaborate with many different departments – generally getting involved into the details of their campaigns and amplifying the output / capability. This cross-departmental alignment gives a Real Time Marketing executive a very advantageous position in the company, with vast knowledge on a multitude of different projects and they are typically very well informed! It gives you a good chance to experience and learn about different areas of the business.
  1. What skills/qualities do you look for in someone wanting to join your sector?
  • Some blanket skills that are necessary/beneficial for the department: 
    • Adaptability
    • Analytical skills for reporting
    • Does well under pressure
    • Strong relationship skills as you interact with many different departments
    • Team-focused 
    • Strong time management 
    • Proactive approach
    • Self-reflection & Refining skills as a continuous approach to improvement
  1. What is demand looking like in your sector? How do you think this will change in the future?
  • Real Time Marketing is an in-demand resource, however it may change from being a blanket marketing space to being an innovation-based position – prioritising many different company requirements and experiments, instead of simply marketing. There are very manual elements in segmentation & discovering player journey trends, including analysis and review – These are drivers in many departments, which typically originate from RTM. 
  1. What is the approximate salary range can people earn?
  • In line with market rates, starting from approximately £25,000 but commensurate with experience.
  1. What career pathways are available for a young person wanting to join your sector? (University and non-uni routes)
  • Most companies recruit from within as experience is gained. RTM covers multiple different department projects and thus gives you a strong overview of the company. You can almost specialise in specific department projects if this is more preferable to your interest, and you could find yourself stepping into a different role as a result. Your career path is quite open from an RTM position. 
  1. Any advice you would give to a young person wanting to join your sector?
  • A personal perspective: “Try and diversify project engagements and campaign analyses in order to gain knowledge across the board. RTM enables this approach – it is e a very beneficial space to exist in as a new person in any company. Therefore, I would advise a young person to join RTM as a means of getting themselves noticed, well-informed and in the position to enable a strong growth curve for their career. Many opportunities can arise from an RTM position, as multiple different departments are aware of you individually, your capabilities and impact. For a young person, this is the ladder.

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