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Nadine Collado – School leaver to University Director

Nadine Collado – School leaver to University Director Icon
Hi there. My name is Nadine Collado and I am a Director at the University of Gibraltar. My career path did not come from a traditional route. And this is how it started.

I left school at the age of 16. Never wanted to go to University – I wanted to earn money and be financially independent. I sat my GCSE’s and got 8 with high grades. I applied to the first job advert and went to work in a bank. I worked within a variety of departments within the bank. I sat some Institute of Banking exams and got a Banking Certificate. After 3 years of working in a bank, this changed, my best friend was leaving for Uni and at the airport said “why don’t you come to Uni to study?” and I just answered “yes, I will”. That very evening everything changed. I searched for a university which had a business degree and pegged to it was a Chartered Body qualification specialising in companies (which meant that I needed to complete independent self study for quite a number of modules). I spent the next year saving money and did A levels to be able to make the conditional offer.

So, at the age of 20 I left for Uni (Anglia Ruskin University) – I did a degree and then a professional qualification in corporate governance (Masters Level). Loved my time in university and made lifelong friends.

I returned to Gib at 24 with my degree, a Chartered qualification, and an award for achievement. I quickly got to work in a company management firm which was part of a law firm. I worked at two different firms (ISOLAS LLP and Hassans) for a total of 20 years. My qualification (the youngest Chartered Fellow in Gib – age of 28) made me very competent at a technical level, I was senior management (Director) for a total of 14 years, and found this role exciting. I introduced training as well as many commercial initiatives and in a nutshell “I would solve problems and make decisions”. Then, I saw The University of Gibraltar advertised for positions for Director of Professional Development and I thought “this is special, time for a change”. That was in Feb 2015, I applied and in June I started. In Sept 2015 the University opened its doors, and I was the key person in charge of its opening. My area is Professional Development and I am responsible for all the professional courses (and qualifications) as well as of our Language Centre. I ensure that all our courses upskill Gibraltarians and people who work in Gibraltar, in order for them to enhance their career paths and add value. I also mentor, coach, paint (art), scuba dive, and am on advisory boards.

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