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Alex Capurro – Local Entrepreneur

Alex Capurro – Local Entrepreneur Icon
Founder – Easy Payment Gateway

“As long as you have passion and a dream, even from Gibraltar, you can still make it big.”

I have a Computer Science degree. I studied here in Gibraltar, and went to the University of Leicester to do my BSc Computer Science degree. After graduating I stayed in Leicester working in the movie and gaming industry (as in console, Playstation gaming not gambling) for a few years. As you can imagine I gained a lot of experience doing that and worked on a few important movies such as Star Wars and worked on some well known Playstation 2 games as well. I returned to Gibraltar in 2003 and started to work in the online betting industry. I started off by developing casino games and then moved onto the fraud prevention and payments sector (still within the betting industry). In 2008 I started my first payments company, here in Gibraltar, called Myriad Payments. This was sold in 2010 to a company called Evo Payments. I then started another company, 21Fifty. This company was a Software Development house. We specialised in developing online payment platforms for very large payment companies such as Neteller, Skrill, Paypoint, etc.

Finally, in 2014, I started another company called Easy Payment Gateway. This company was founded based on software that I had designed and developed myself. I basically created a software platform that allowed non technical people to literally draw on the screen a flow diagram that would determine, in real time, how a payment/transaction should be processed. This meant that any payment manager or CFO could decide how to process transactions, what rules to apply and what payment solutions they wanted to work with without needing a software development team to touch any code. This was a one of a kind, never before seen piece of software within the industry. I had it patented worldwide. Between 2014 and 2019 I ended up growing from a team of 4 people to over 100, with offices here in Gibraltar, Marbella, Madrid, Sevilla and London. We managed to process a total of almost $10billion through my software and won multiple awards around the world.

In 2020 my company was acquired by a joint venture between Caixa Bank (Barcelona) and Global Payments USA (a fortune 500 company) called Comercia. Since then, I have been working from home (here in Gibraltar) for them. I am now the Chief Innovation Officer of the group, which basically means I run the R&D department and I am currently researching and experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to see how I can incorporate it into the day to day life of the payments industry across all sectors.

In my spare time, I like to write. I have a couple of books out, one of them is an artbook with images created entirely via AI and I also create synth music (I have an album out on spotify). I also like to develop a short mobile game every summer with my kids (trying to teach them how to code). These games tend to be retro based, as if they were created on an old Commodore 64 (first computer I had) or an original Nintendo. The reason for this is because basing it on such a limited technology means that you have to be very creative with how you develop the game as memory and resources are very limited. So this teaches my kids how to best optimize the code to ensure that we end up with the best game possible without sacrificing gameplay or technology.

My main goal is to inspire the youth of Gibraltar, to let them know there is more out there than just being a lawyer or an accountant (which tends to be the dominating careers here in Gib). I want them to know that as long as you have passion and a dream, even from Gibraltar, you can still make it big.

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